Tiger Woods Back on the Horse

All Eyes on Tiger

I was one of the lucky ones to witness the amazing accomplishments that Tiger has made in his career during his first career push. I saw him at the Pebble Beach Open several times and at the first WGC event in San Francisco at Harding Park. There’s no doubt in my mind that Tiger will be credited as one of the best, if not the greatest player of our time in the game. I really don’t think it’s fair to compare against the likes of other players, within their respective generations, simply because of so many variables of the game, technology, and rules.

Aside from all the hoopla and fanfare going on, Tiger is left with the one thing likely in his mind; to gain himself in competitive field position again. I think it has to be twice as difficult to come back after being on top, given where he’s been what he’s seen, and more importantly what he expects of himself.

Climbing Back

Before it was an open field and now likely feels he has to live up to expectations, especially his own. But he is certainly accomplished a great deal that many undoubtedly credit him for. Significant contributions to the game in so many ways, ways that many do not give them credit for.

Discovery is Everything

I’d read Golf My Way many years ago and Tiger’s swing used to remind me of that basic approach that Nicholas suggested; put the club in your hands is swing it was hard can until you get it right.  I personally don’t subscribe to that as much because there is so much involved with a good golf swing.

I was more akin to Ben Hogan’s 5 Basic Lessons  and finding the tempo and something that you can count on and rely on and playing that game is far more consistent than trying to belted his heart as far as you can.  I am merely an amateur having played for roughly 40 years in the game, learned many things through self-discovery.  It makes me smile with reassurance when I hear some of the teachers like Breese, Haney, Pelz, and my favorite; Jim Hardy describing techniques that only one who has truly explored the personal journey of his/her own swing would understand what they are doing, and why they are doing it.

I’ve always considered myself an open book with the game, willing to try new things to explore new techniques. Unfortunately for those who have tried to instruct me in the past, it has to make total sense to me otherwise I won’t even bother doing it. I think that’s a critical part of learning to group your own swing, where we you are physically.

Golf is an easy game we make difficult.  Of course that leads us down to critical 6 inches that lies between the ears; and that’s where I think Tiger’s biggest accomplishment will be, when he climbs back on top… and I hope he does.


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