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Golf Investment Thailand

We connect potential golf course buyers and leasees to golf course sellers and leasors

Due to the nature of the business, we do not openly advertise which courses are interested in leasing or selling, as it affects their day to day operations. There are several listings of private golf courses for sale and for lease. These

are all located in various areas of Thailand ranging from beach resort areas to the central regions. Our prime picks are just 45 minute commute north of  Bangkok along the belt loop; easy driving access to the property.

This is considered “prime” when purchased because the value is at 7/10ths the price of the surrounding land. There is room on the property for other business investment.

Details are Available

Investors can obtain a detailed information packet about this golf course for sale through our company which can be contacted on the contact page or follow the link below.  We do require a confidentiality and qualifications process to protect the seller, agents, and buyers.


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