Golf Course – Investment Property Bangkok Thailand

These investment properties are fantastic investment opportunities for the savvy real estate developers. If you’re interested in golf it doubles your pleasure.

There are several listings of private golf courses for sale. These are all located in various areas of Thailand ranging from beach resort areas to the central regions. Our prime pick is just 45 minutes outside Bangkok. So investors have easy driving access to view the property. This is considered “prime” when purchased because the value is at 1/2 the price of the surrounding land. One has to consider that there is room on the property for other business investment.

Details are available

Investors can obtain a detailed information packet about this golf course for sale through our company which can be contacted on the contact page or follow the link below.

Golf Course -Investment Property Bangkok Thailand, is a deal ready for investors to evaluate for their portfolio. If you want to know more contact as at BangkokFinder your property specialist.

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