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Golf Course Investment Opportunities in Thailand

Golf is a popular and growing recreation for both Thai nationals and foreign expats in Thailand. The growing need for raising the bar with services and value is on the rise, and the golf course managers and owners who “get it” are coming out ahead.  The management at the Thai Country Club is a perfect example. From the “drive up experience” of being politely greeted, clubs promptly handled and guiding guests to the property destination, is just a small example of how the impact of “happy service” can vet rewards both for the local working community and the owner/management teams. This open huge opportunity for optimizing some really great golf courses in Bangkok, Ayutthaya, Khao Yai, Korat, Phuket, Chiang Mai, and Hua Hin to name a few key areas in Thailand.

On this website, you will find Thailand based golf courses, golf related businesses, and golf residential properties for sales and/or lease. We pride ourselves on connecting potential investor/buyers, industry consultants, and owner/sellers together to help raise the bar of golf services and offerings here in Thailand.  Our US owned agency brings 15 years of trust, knowledge, and relationships in the industry who provide assessments, surveying, consulting, resourcing, and full on course management.


We maintain strict confidentiality of the golf course business interests we represent, as publicizing can  affect day to day operations, staff confidence, and business continuity.

Overview Process of Purchasing a Golf Course

Investors may obtain a detailed information about golf course related properties we have for sale, however, a confidentiality and qualifications process is required to protect all interested parties.  We recommend having an investor qualification statement prepared by your attorney and/or accountant, which represents holdings and portfolio information.  It is very helpful to have a good idea as to the level of investment from both initial capital and ongoing operational investment.

From that point, we can disclose basic golf course summaries (no course names given at this point), describing land size, basic location/proximity, amenities, typical “per rai” land value for the area, and a list of amenities/assets/improvements for the course/property.

If the property features and pricing is within the investors scope, we would establish non-disclosure agreements, initial MOU (memorandum of understanding), as well as investor qualification statement through an attorney.  The proceeds for this are paid by the prospecting investor.  We do recommend that all communications are maintained with an attorney, to maintain integrity of all concerned efforts.

Typical Investment for Golf Courses in Thailand

Purchase prices for golf courses (without operational improvement consideration) range from $8M USD (

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