Golf Courses for Sale Thailand

Here are a few articles to support that golf courses for sale Thailand are at an advantage over golf courses for sale in the US.  The growth potential for raising the bar in services alone is a key factor.

According to Forbes magazine there were over 300 million in renovations to golf courses performed in the United States last year.  Given sales , renovations, etc, statistics indicate were over $300 Billion in capital investments over the past 11 years.  That’s a sizable industry investment.. and it is growing worldwide.

Trends in Thailand

In Thailand we do not know what the exact capital expenditures were for golf.  Yet golfing trends in Asia are up greatly, while in the US these trends were down since 2014. This is documented in The Economist and elaborated on extensively. Golf in Thailand is truly on the rise, as with Korea, Japan, India, and China.

golf course for sale thailand

A Boom in Golf Courses in Thailand

We have several courses currently for sale.  Our prime stellar golf course for sale in Thailand when sold will be approximately 44 million USD.  However, we have other golf courses for sale and this expected boom will last. Asian investors are looking to place money outside their country, given more affordable land prices.

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